Our Favorite Memories Together


You not recognizing the one time I beat you in bowling. Yes, the copy of the score card is still in the safety deposit box. Visiting you on your bike trip across the country. Luckily we were there to take you to a shower because boy did you stink! When you were 6 and IContinue reading “Mary’s”



Your creative bowling names that we would guess what the initials stood for until we got a strike or spare. Some of the notable classics were Lou’s Lane Violation and Mary’s Wicked Stepmom. You bringing me into this world with your ‘funny’ prank ordering anchovies on Mary’s pizza. She went into labor having me hoursContinue reading “Matt’s”


Letting you ‘borrow’ my phone only to get it returned with a Duke screen saver. Helping you rag on Mary with your famous snark remarks of ‘That’s what you decided to cook for dinner? ‘ and ‘You aren’t going outside in that, are you?’. Our heated, but consistent games of Settlers of Catan. You’d alwaysContinue reading “Phil’s”


When you were 6 we were traveling to Greensboro and you glanced over at the speedometer saying ‘we will arrive in 12 minutes’. When I asked how you knew, you responded with the mileage sign said 13 miles and you are driving 63 mph!’. Driving in the Austin Healey Road Rally with you as myContinue reading “Lewis’s”

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