• You not recognizing the one time I beat you in bowling. Yes, the copy of the score card is still in the safety deposit box.
  • Visiting you on your bike trip across the country. Luckily we were there to take you to a shower because boy did you stink!
  • When you were 6 and I got us stranded on the side of the highway during a snowstorm. I begged and pleaded for you to not tell your mom. Guess I deserved the nickname ‘Wicked Step Mom’ that time.

One thought on “Mary’s

  1. As a friend of Doug’s Mom and of course ‘Step’ I have watched this special person grow from a curious youngster into an amazing young man. Not only was he able to light up a room, he was quick to smile and give his Mom’s friend a hug on his way out the door for a run. Of all the stories of Doug’s adventures and accomplishments, the most delightful was the one I got to read first hand from the blog he wrote as he was biking solo across our country. Like his parents he had a talent for writing. It has been a privilege to know Douglas Manning Dumont. He will be missed by so many and way too young to be taken from us.
    My love goes out to Doug’s family.


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