• When you were 6 we were traveling to Greensboro and you glanced over at the speedometer saying ‘we will arrive in 12 minutes’. When I asked how you knew, you responded with the mileage sign said 13 miles and you are driving 63 mph!’.
  • Driving in the Austin Healey Road Rally with you as my navigator. We didn’t win, but man was that one fun ride.

2 thoughts on “Lewis’s

  1. When I visited your Mom and Dad after you were born I was amazed at what a beautiful baby you were and I told you that years later. You said all babies are beautiful Uncle Jimmy and laughed. I then said, “yes but not all beautiful babies grow up to be smart, caring, and an important part of the world as you have”. You then replied, “how much money do you need to borrow 😉 ?” I laughed so hard. Of course, you followed up with “thanks Uncle Jimmy, you’re cool too”. I also remember how excited you were when you would receive a new Lego set and were wowed when I tried to do a magic trick and messed them up. Lol. Thankfully, Uncle Robert was better at doing them and made up for it 😉 . Always proud of you and how you always made everyone around you feel good about themselves.


    1. I wasn’t there, but I can hear that conversation in my head. So Doug, so humble, so quick witted. Thank for sharing this beautiful memory.


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